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                                                                                                      Activities - Top 50 English Expressions

                                                                                                                       Expressions 41-50:       


English User Guides / Warnings

Click on the correct warning for using the expressions below.  Can't remember?  Check them from the bar on the right.


I don't give a shit

Safe Attention Danger

Check it out

Safe Attention Danger

Haven't got a clue

Safe Attention Danger

I get it

Safe Attention Danger

Give it a crack

Safe Attention Danger

Speaking English - Syllables

 Listen to expressions 41-50 and choose the number of syllables spoken, then choose the syllable with the most stress.      

Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:

Listening to English - Fill the Gaps

Fill in the gaps in the dialogue using expressions from all the expressions, 1-50, choose from the drop-down box in each gap.


Listen to Audio Clip:

Alison: "Hey how's it going?"

Sarah: ", what about you?"

Alison: "Oh man, I'm "

Sarah: "How come?"

Alison: "Just been at work all week, haven't had a chance to scratch myself!"

Sarah: "Why so busy?"

Alison: "Oh, just trying to get extra work done so I can start my leave early at the end of the year"

Sarah: ""

Alison: "Yeah but it's been "...

..."don't really know if it's worth it

. . .Maybe I should just not go"

Sarah: "Well

. . . the same as in this picture, you'll be enjoying sun, sand and sexy boys while we are here working!  I reckon you can probably

. . .Ooh look, it says free massage,  you do look very tired, I think you'd better stay here and I'll go instead!"

Alison: "OK , I'll stop complaining!"

Formal English

Choose the formal English to replace the slang.


I don't give a shit about what you think

Check it out, I fixed the chair!

I'm sorry, Haven't got a clue, maybe you should ask Barry.

Thanks for showing me, I get it now.

I'm not sure if I will be able to do this, but I'll Give it a crack

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