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                                                                                                                       Expressions 31-40:       


English User Guides / Warnings


Click on the correct warning for the expressions below.  Can't remember?  Check again from the bar on the right.


That'd be right

Safe Attention Danger

Full of it

Safe Attention Danger

Lost the plot

Safe Attention Danger

Flat out

Safe Attention Danger


Safe Attention Danger

Speaking English - Syllables


 Listen to expressions 31-40 from the bar on the right hand side.

How many syllables in each expression?  Select the number, then click on the syllable with the most stress.      

Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:

Listening to English - Fill the Gaps


Listen to all of the conversation below and fill in the gaps in the text using expressions 31-40, choose from the drop-down box in each gap.


Listen to Audio Clip:

Rebecca: "Hey I'm go shopping, wanna come?"

Robert: "I can't, I'm here unfortunately"

Rebecca: " Ben said he'd already finished that stuff"

Robert: "Well Ben's it's not anywhere close to finished"

Rebecca: he's so unreliable these days.

Robert: "So should I finish it now?"

Rebecca: "nah I'll get Ben to do it when he gets back, oh look there he is now . . . Ben!"

Ben: "Yeah?"

Rebecca: "You didn't finish this at all and now Robert is doing it and it's stressing him out!"

Ben: " I have to go out"

Rebecca: "Man he's so rude!"

Robert: "That's teenagers for you"

Formal English


Choose from the drop-down box, the formal English to replace the slang.


I forgot to study for the test tomorrow, I'm buggerd

Don't believe what she says, she's full of it

I'm gonna start making dinner now

I can't meet you for coffee, I'm flat out

He was so angry he yelled at everyone, it was Full on

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