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Activities - English Video

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English User Guides / Warnings

 Click on the correct warning for using the expressions below.   Can't remember? Check again for the expression by using the search tool on the right hand side.


Safe Attention Danger


Safe Attention Danger


Safe Attention Danger

Bunny ears

Safe Attention Danger


Safe Attention Danger


Safe Attention Danger


Safe Attention Danger


Safe Attention Danger

Speaking English - Syllables

Listen to the video and choose the number of syllables spoken in these expressions, then choose the syllable with the most stress.  For more help, read the video's transcript as you listen and click on the expressions to see and hear them in more detail.      



Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:

Listening to English - Fill the Gaps

Read the different narrative below, choose from the drop-down box in each gap, the expression that fits best.



Oh I've been really   today


I was meant to go to Bunnings and get some for the TV

because Ben's are coming round later

and they're watch 

the footy on

but I just couldn't be bothered, really, , I got in the car to go but instead I went to the shops, got some chocolate, came home and watched DVD's all day!

Oh well, they'll just have to listen to the on the radio.

Formal English

Choose from the drop-down box, the formal English to replace the slang.


Just do it!  Don't be so slack


Get your mates round and we'll have a barbie

I've got heaps to do today.

There's no aerial plug in this room, we need to get some bunny ears for the TV

Plugs?  What are plugs?

Plugs, you know, like for plugging in your lamp to the wall

I can't hear, can you turn the telly up?

I'm so happy it's footy season again!

Are you gonna watch the footy tonight?

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