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Activities - Top 50 Workplace English Expressions

Expressions 1-10:

English User Guides / Warnings

Click on the correct warning for using the expressions below.  Can't remember?  Check again from the Top 50 Workplace Expressions.


Give me a minute

Safe Attention Danger

Get on with it

Safe Attention Danger

Had it

Safe Attention Danger

Wrap it up

Safe Attention Danger

Up to scratch

Safe Attention Danger

Speaking English - Syllables

 Listen to the Workplace expressions 1-10 and choose the number of syllables spoken, then choose the syllable with the most stress.       

Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:

Listening to English - Fill the Gaps

Listen to all of the conversation below and fill in the gaps in the text using Workplace expressions 1-10, choose from the drop-down box in each gap.


Listen to Audio Clip:

Michael: "Hey Rebecca,  the rooms yet?"

Rebecca: "Not yet"

Michael: "Well  please, guests will be arriving any minute"

Rebecca: "I can't finish the floors, the mop's

Michael: "There's more in the supply cupboard, just arrived today, new ones with replacement heads, 

Rebecca: "OK great, they'll  can I take a couple to Susie across the road?  She lent me some last week."

Michael: "Just hold off on that, I'll have to  Mrs Cobb first"

Rebecca: "No worries"

Michael: " on the rooms please"

Rebecca: "Yep"

Formal English

Choose from the drop-down box, the formal English to replace the slang.


Good, an extra pair of gloves will Come in handy

Stop talking and Get on with it please!

Cindy, have you done the rooms yet?

This pen's Had it, pass me another one please.

Before you email it, just Run it past Sarah ok?

It's nearly 5pm, let's Wrap it up please

If it's not Up to scratch  you'll have to do it again

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