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Activities - Top 50 Workplace English Expressions

Expressions 21-30:


English User Guides / Warnings

Click on the correct warning for using the expressions below. Can't remember?  Check again at the Top 50 Workplace Expressions or do a search.



Safe Attention Danger

Deal with it

Safe Attention Danger

Chuck a sickie

Safe Attention Danger

Fucked up

Safe Attention Danger

Knock it off

Safe Attention Danger

Speaking English - Syllables

 Listen to expressions 21-30 and choose the number of syllables spoken, then choose the syllable with the most stress.        

Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:
Syllable Count:

Listening to English - Fill the Gaps

Fill in the gaps in the dialogue using expressions from 1-30, choose from the drop-down box in each gap.


Helen: "Suzie, Tony hasn't  yet today and I've got one of his clients on the phone with a problem . . .

. . . can you  please?"

Suzie: "Alright, put the call through . . . Hello?  Hello sir?  Are you there?  He must have hung up"

Helen: "Oh nevermind, he'll call back. Listen can you ?

Suzie: "Yes, what's up?"

Helen: "I need you to  at doing the timetable for the staff for the next month."

Suzie: "I don't know, it's a lot of extra work, I'd need someone to  with it I think"

Helen: " I'll get Andy to show you how to do it tomorrow afternoon, and I'll owe you one, but I won't be able to give you any more time this week. . .

. . . you don't have to do it, but it would be a real favour, but "

Suzie: "I'll have to think about it, I'll  tomorrow"

Helen: "Ok cheers."

Formal English

Choose from the drop-down box, the formal English to replace the slang.


Did you hear?  Sam got Sacked on Friday.

Has Ben turn up yet?

I haven't got time to sort this out, can you Deal with it?

Roger Fucked up, he won't be coming back

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