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Big deal

English Meaning 1

(reversed meaning, - it’s NOT a big deal) it’s not important / I don’t care / it doesn’t matter (when we speak English)

English Example 1

“Prince William is getting married!”
“Big deal, people get married all the time, just another wedding”
(Learn English, tip: ‘just another wedding’ should be ‘it’s just another wedding’, the pronoun is often dropped when we speak English casually)

English Meaning 2

English Example 2

“I bought some clothes on the internet and they came yesterday, I was so nervous about doing it but it was fine!”
“yeah big deal, I do all my shopping on the internet, it’s no big deal anymore”

English Meaning 3

(true meaning) It is very important

English Example 3

“Sam’s getting an award!  It’s a really big deal, it’s going to be presented by the Governor at Government House”


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