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Rack off!

English Meaning 1

“Go away!”, “leave” (often used when we speak English in a rude or angry way)

English Example 1

“. . .Yeah tell me about it!  My son’s only 10 but he already tells me to rack off every time I try to go into his room!”
(Learn English tip: a son telling his mother to ‘rack off’ would be a little bit rude or cheeky)

English Meaning 2

English Example 2

“The other day there was a koala up the tree in our back yard!  I wanted the kids to see it too, so i got my mum to come around, she lives heaps close to me, and I got her to stand at the bottom of the tree so that it didn’t rack off while I went to pick up the kids from school! It was still there when we got back, they loved it!”

English Meaning 3


English Example 3

“Oi! Come and clean your room!”
“Rack off!”


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