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Rub it in

English Meaning 1

> to make someone feel worse about something bad, to gloat (when we speak English)

English Example 1

(After a tennis game)
“Man I was great!  Did you see how I just made every ball?  And that last one was so close but just inside the line!  And you sucked!  What was the matter with you today?  You seemed to have a hole in your racket! 
“Sorry I just have to rub it in a bit, cause you’re always so good usually!  But not today!  Come on, let’s get a drink, my shout”
(Learn English tip: ‘I made every ball’, this means ‘I made it to every ball’ meaning - ‘I hit every ball’)

English Meaning 2

“Don’t rub it in” > to tell someone to stop making you feel worse about something

English Example 2

“I have to study today”
“ha ha, not me, I’m going to go lie on the beach, maybe have a swim, get a pub lunch. . .”
“Ok, you don’t have to rub it in you know”


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