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Plug it

English Meaning 1

Promote something verbally - talk about a product or event in a positive way in public (when we speak English)

English Example 1

“I’m going to be interviewed on the radio so I need to remember to plug our new iPhone App”

English Meaning 2

(same as Meaning 1)

English Example 2

“I’m just reading this article about obesity but look, all they’re doing is plugging this weight-loss powder”
(Learn English, tip: ‘to plug’ acts as a verb in the same way ‘to promote’ would, so you use the same grammatical forms)

English Meaning 3

It also means fill it - fill a gap with something or as a noun - a plug is used to stop something getting through

English Example 3

(Mobile phone text message)
Please remember to buy a new plug for the bath while you’re out.


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