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No worries




English Meaning 1

no problem (no worries is very commonly used when we speak English, a good one to remember first when you learn English)

English Example 1

“I’ll do it for you no worries”

English Meaning 2

You’re welcome > in response to thankyou (only used when we speak English, not in writing)

English Example 2

“Thanks for helping me the other day.”
“No worries”
(Learn English tip: Another way to say thank you is Ta)

Translation - Chinese, Pashto, Korean, Japanese, Hindi


هیڅ خبره نده / دیادونې وړ نده

걱정마 2.천만의 말씀 - Similar to

心配ないよ 2. どういたしまして

कोई बात नहीं

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