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What's up?




English Meaning 1

What do you want?

English Example 1

“Can you come here for a sec?”
“What’s up?”
“Can you show me how to do this again?”
“Sure” (when you learn English you might say ‘of course’ or just ‘yes’ instead of sure)

English Meaning 2

What’s wrong?

English Example 2

“What’s up?”
“(I) don’t wanna go back to work tomorrow.”
“Yeah I know” (a common way to agree with someone when you speak English)

Translation - Chinese, Pashto, Korean, Japanese, Hindi

怎么了?/ 怎么回事?

څه خبره ده؟

뭔대?, 뭘 원해? 2.무슨일이야?

何か用 2. どうしたの、何かあったの

क्या हो रहा है भई?

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