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You're kidding me




English Meaning 1

You’re joking > to express disbelief, (used when we speak English)

English Example 1

“Someone tried to break into the house yesterday”
“What? When?”
“Middle of the day while I was home!”
“You’re kidding me!”
“No, it’s true, found him playing with the front window” (Learn English tip: a pronoun is dropped here but still implied, can you work out where it should be?)

English Meaning 2

That’s amazing

English Example 2

“Guess what! I won that photo competetition!”
“You’re kidding!”
“No! first prize is a camera, I’ll get it next week!”

Translation - Chinese, Pashto, Korean, Japanese, Hindi


عجبه ده / دباور وړ نده (similar to)

농담이겠지 or 농담하지마


मुझे क्या बच्चा समझते हो

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